Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Corp. (hereinafter referred to as Shenwu Corp.) is a solution provider for energy conservation and environmental protection technology of global fossil resources (including coal, petroleum, natural gas and derived fuel) and atmospheric haze control technology. Shenwu Corp., having a registered capital of RMB 360 million Yuan, with a total asset of RMB 5.5 billion Yuan by the end of 2013, and owning 8 stockholding subsidiaries, with more than 2800 employees, is currently an industry leader in China specializing in high efficient and clean utilization of fossil resources, mineral resources and renewable resources and in R&D and industrialization of new technologies. The company is one of the first energy saving service companies certified and filed by NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), identified by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and MOF (Ministry of Finance) as a national model enterprise for technological innovation.


After years of practice, Shenwu Corp. has developed a systematic R&D and technological innovation platform, which concentrates on the research of high efficient and clean combustion of fossil resources and atmospheric haze control technology. Owning three Beijing municipal engineering technology research centers and one Beijing municipal engineering laboratory, in recent years, Shenwu Corp. has undertaken more than 30 self-selected research projects and more than 20 national and provincial scientific research projects, among which three projects of the MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) support program, two of the MIIT significant scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, and more than ten of the Beijing municipal scientific and technological projects. With 127 patents granted both at home and abroad and more than 130 other patents under approval, Shenwu Corp. has established one industry standard, two alliance standards and thirteen enterprise standards and is establishing one national standard. These research achievements made by Shenwu Corp. regarding energy saving and emission reduction are mainly developed in the following eight subversive new technology areas: Regenerative high-efficiency, energy-saving and low-pollution combustion; Regenerative gasification boiler for low grade pulverized coal; Integration of energy conservation and denitration for thermal power generation boiler; High efficient clean smelting with rotary hearth furnace for inferior ferrous metal ore & nonferrous metal ore; Clean direct reduction iron-making with hydrogen shaft furnace; Pyrolysis, extraction and upgrading for lignite, long flame coal and oil shale; Pyrolysis of MSW (municipal solid waste); regenerative gas-fired high temperature melting process for calcium carbide production Since 2009, Shenwu Corp. has invested RMB 500 million Yuan to build the only one in the country and world’s leading large-scale laboratory for energy conservation and atmospheric haze control technology, which covers an area of 25000 square meters and is equipped with eighteen large-scale pilot test platforms for energy saving and environmental protection research in different industries like metallurgy, nonferrous metal, chemical industry, coal-fired boiler and MSW treatment etc. This enables our company to conduct scientific technological and innovative research in three major areas: fossil resources, mineral resources and renewable resources.


By marketized operation and resources integration, Shenwu Corp. has created an integrated and advanced platform for engineering design and engineering transformation of energy conservation and environmental protection technology. This platform possesses two national Class A engineering design institutes and one Class A design institute for furnace engineering discipline, as well as Class A qualifications for consultation in petrochemical, coal chemical and metallurgical industries. Based on its three design institutes, Shenwu Corp. is able to transform rapidly its independent innovative R&D results into engineering and put them into production.


In order to apply the R&D results in industrial production, Shenwu Corp. has invested more than RMB 400 million Yuan to build a self-contained manufacturing base, with an area of 300000 square meters, specialized in manufacturing the key energy-saving components adopted in the new technologies, new processes and new patents developed by the company.


With its years of innovation and practice, Shenwu Corp. has been widely recognized by the government, community and enterprises. Since the foundation in 1995, the company has successively obtained more than 50 different national and provincial distinctions, awards or titles, including a 2nd class Metallurgical Scientific and Technological Progress Award, two 2nd class Beijing Golden Bridge Engineering Awards, two 2nd class Beijing Municipal Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards, a 1st class China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, a 2nd class China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award. In addition, there are four key components being awarded as Beijing Municipal Independent Innovation Products, three technologies being listed in the “Recommendation Catalogue of Beijing Annual Energy Conservation and Low-carbon Technology Products of 2011”, two technologies obtaining the new technology (product) title of ZhongGuanCun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, one technology winning the National New Key Product title, one technology being rated as one of the Top 10 Innovations in ZhongGuanCun, and two technologies being listed in the Key Promotion Projects for Sustainable Development in China’s Environmental Protection Industry.


Other awards or titles:

In 2008

    Outstanding Contribution Award for the 20th Anniversary of ZhongGuanCun Science and Technology Park

    Title of Innovation Specialist for China’s Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology


In 2009

    Selected as one of the first Pilot Units for Recycling Economy in Beijing

    Title of Innovative Enterprise in ZhongGuanCun National Innovation Demonstration Zone issued by the People’s Government of

    Beijing Municipality, MOST and Chinese Academy of Science


In 2010 

    Selected as one of the first Key Enterprises supported by ZhongGuanCun “One Million Project”

    Listed in the Directory of the first Energy Saving Service Companies jointly published by MOF and NDRC

    China’s Annual Energy Saving Service Brand Enterprise of 2010

    China’s Top 50 Enterprises with the Most Investment Value in 2010 sponsored by Zero2IPO Group


In 2011

    ZhongGuanCun Top 100 Young Enterprises in 2011


In 2012

    Annual Brand Enterprise of 2012 in China’s Energy Saving Service Industry

    New High-Tech Key Enterprise of National Torch Program

    The First Prize of China’s Top 20 Clean Technology Enterprises in 2012 sponsored by Deloitte


In 2013

    Title of Top 10 Green Innovative Enterprises

    Title of National Model Enterprise for Technological Innovation