Beijing shenwu environment & energy technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenwu Corp.“) is dedicated to the research and promotion of industrial energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies as well as the resource comprehensive utilization technology. Depending upon its large energy-saving and emission-reduction research base, Shenwu Corp. integrates its independently-innovated technology (such as high efficiency combustion, direct reduction iron-making, low-grade coal upgrading, oil gas extraction, energy system optimization, etc.) into business services (including engineering consultation, design, EPC and etc.), and provides the services to the high energy-consuming and high-emission industrial enterprise, who rely heavily on fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, natural gas and their derivatives)..


Shenwu Corp. comes from Beijing Shenwu Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd,, which was established in 1999. The registered capital of Shenwu Corp. is RMB 360 million. Till the end of 2011, Shenwu Corp. owned six stockholding subsidiaries with more than 1800 employees, and its total assets exceeded RMB 3 billion. At present, more than 40 technological patents have been granted, and 30 patents have submitted.


Over the past decade, Shenwu Corp. has gradually accomplished the layout of whole industry chain in the field of energy-saving technology promotion and service, i.e. energy-saving technology R & D, → energy-saving device manufacture → supportive energy-saving equipment → EPC for energy-saving project → consultation and service for energy-saving project. Since 2009, Shenwu Corp. has totally invested more than RMB 300 million to build a domestic-leading energy-saving and emission-reduction research base in Changping district, Beijing, which covers an area of nearly 62 thousands square meters. Shenwu Corp. has divided its energy-saving technologies and typical projects into three major industrial fields, and combined these technologies to build ten sets of large pilot test platforms, and determined fifteen important technology research directions, which is sufficiently flexible to be adjusted for meeting the energy-saving technology development and market requirements.


Relying on the years of technology accumulation and market practice, Shenwu Corp. now has the cross-industry and multi-field energy-saving technology promotion and industrialization capability, and owns the Class A qualification for furnace project, Class A qualification on engineering design for metallurgy industry, Class A qualification on engineering design for chemical industry, Class A qualification for engineering consulting, qualification for foreign contracted project, and the design license for special equipment such as pressure vessel and pressure pipeline.


Since its establishment, Shenwu Corp. has obtained more than 30 national-, provincial- and ministerial-level honors, awards and titles. In 2005, the “high-efficiency, energy-saving and low-pollution high temperature air combustion technology” won both the second prize of Beijing Science & Technology Award 2005 and the second prize of China Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award issued jointly by CMIF and CMES. In 2009, Shenwu Corp. awarded the title of “the 20th Anniversary Outstanding Contributions Award of Z-park”, “Innovative Enterprises of Z-park” that is issued by Beijing Municipal government, MOST and CAS, and was selected as the first batch of “Circular economy pilot unit of Beijing”. In 2010, Shenwu Corp. was selected as the first batch of key cultivation enterprise of “Ten-hundred-thousand Project of Z-park”, and the first batch of registered “Energy-saving service company” jointly published by MOF and NDRC, and awarded the title of “2010 Zero2IPO-Venture 50”. 


In Aug. 2008, Shenwu Corp. Research Institute became the “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center”. In 2011, the institute was approved to establish the “Post-doctoral science research workstation”, and awarded “Beijing Research Centre for Comprehensive Utilization of Low Grade Iron Ore”.