Shenwu’s Laterite-nickel Ore Project (Indonesia) Kicks off

Release time:2012-08-01 view number: 2070


China News Service, Djakarta, July 31 --- The Construction Commencement Ceremony for 2,400,000t/y laterite-nickel ore treatment project of PT. TITAN MINERAL UTAMA of Indonesia and 800,000t/y laterite-nickel ore treatment project of PT. BALINTON RESOURCES INVESTMENT, Indonesia was hold separately on July 30 and 31, 2012. Both projects use Chinese new smelting process with independent intellectual property right, and will be designed, manufactured and constructed by Chinese enterprise.


According to Jin Penghao, Managing Director of the organizer Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Co., Ltd, “the former project will treat 2,400,000 tons of laterite-nickel ore each year with an annual production of 236,000 tons of nickel-iron alloy containing nickel 14.5%, and the investment in the first stage will be USD 420 million. The latter project will treat 800,000 tons of laterite-nickel ore per year with an annual production of 81,200 tons of nickel-iron alloy (nickel content: 14%), and the total investment will be USD 176 million. Both projects will be constructed by a consortium composed of Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Huafu Engineering Co. Ltd of Shenwu Corp. and Jiangsu Provincial Metallurgical Design Institute of Shenwu Corp.”  


Both production lines of the two companies adopt the regenerative rotary hearth furnace direct reduction smelting process independently researched & developed by Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Co., Ltd. This process is characterized as low requirement for raw material, wide application range for raw & auxiliary materials, high automation control level, low energy consumption, zero exhaust etc, and is particularly suitable for large-scale industrialization construction in Indonesia. 


It is said that it will definitely provide many optional raw materials or products for Chinese nickel-iron smelting enterprise and stainless steel production enterprise once the projects are completed, to better facilitate the economic and trade communication and development between China and Indonesia.


It's reported that Indonesian nickel reserves and basic reserves are 3.2 million tons and 13 million tons respectively by the end of 2008, approximately account for 4.6% and 11.54% of world total reserves, and rank the third in the world, which make Indonesia the leading exporter. The nickel resources of China are mainly imported from Indonesia and Philippines at present, especially Indonesia. 


The Stipulations for Increasing Added Value of Mineral Resources through Processing and Extraction created by Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry of The Republic of Indonesia on Feb 6, 2012 indicates that various metal minerals must be processed or extracted in accordance with the specified min. limit index from the year 2014, and the nickel content of products processed from laterite-nickel ore shall be 6%, otherwise, exportation is not allowed. Since the issuance of this Stipulations, the laterite-nickel ore importation of Chinese nickel-iron enterprise is greatly limited, therefore, Chinese company seeks another way to participate in the mineral deep processing field of Indonesian mineral industry.