Hou Fengqi Visits Shenwu

Release time:2015-07-11 view number: 1157



Hou Fengqi, Secretary of CPC Wu Hai city Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and his parties visit Shenwu on July 10. The visitors are warmly greeted by Dr Wu Daohong, Dong Zhihai etc.


The guests firstly visit Shenwu Energy Saving & Air Haze Treatment Technology Lab. Dr. Wu Daohong introduces the application and promotion condition of Shenwu’s core energy saving and air haze treatment technology to the visitors, and explains in details the development direction of Shenwu’s two new coal chemicals technologies, i.e. the new regenerative calcium carbide production process and coal grading utilization, and compare Shenwu’s calcium carbide process for acetylene chemicals downstream product with current coal gasification downstream chemical product.


After hearing the introduction made by Dr. Wu, Hou Fengqi said every technology of Shenwu is disruptive, and suitable to be used in Wu Hai, and just like the customized technology for Wu Hai. He said, “Wu Hai has rich coal and limestone resources and industrial power plant. The current calcium carbide production in Wu Hai is 5 million tons, and Wu Hai is the main calcium carbide production base of China. The production capacity of PVC and coke is 1.2 million tons and 18 million tons respectively. The Thermal power installed capacity is 3.8 million KW. The production of steel and iron alloy is 1.2 million tons and 0.6 million tons respectively. However, the conventional coal chemical and calcium carbide chemical routes have already caused high energy consumption, high pollution and low economic benefit. Wu Hai government hopes to realize sustainable development by transformation and upgrading. To achieve the Transformation, it can only be solved by technical innovation. Many technologies of Shenwu can high efficiency utilization of resource at its root, and produce a new coal chemicals route with low energy consumption, low pollution, low water consumption and high additional value. I hope Wu Hai can develop the new coal chemicals at the soonest with the help of Shenwu technology to revitalize existing conventional coal chemical asset. Wu Hai also has many industries like coking, steel smelting, thermal power, iron alloy, glass, cement etc, and I hope Wu Hai become an national demonstration base for promoting Shenwu technology through the all-around cooperation between two parties.”


Dr. Wu said Shenwu will establish an expert team composed of calcium carbide chemical, coal chemicals, steel, non-ferrous metal and thermal power experts to make a complete investigation in Wu Hai to achieve the all-around and multi-field cooperation with Wu Hai government. He also said after the use of Shenwu energy saving & air haze treatment technology, the continuous, healthy and stable development of related industries in Wu Hai will be effectively pushed forward, and the comprehensive competitive power and economic benefit of Wu Hai will be changed greatly. 


Through the friendly consultation of both parties, Wu Hai government will organize main leaders from city and departments at all levels as well as main enterprises in the near future to come to Shenwu to learn about Shenwu technology so that the strategy cooperation frame agreement is reached as soon as possible. The leaders of Wu Hai government will take part in the cooperation with Shenwu respectively for every field to push forward the disruptive revamping of Shenwu technology to the industry of Wu Hai.